Why neodymium magnet price can be so different?

If you have experience with buy neodymium magnet from China. You will so surprise why the supplier’s price can be so different? In this post, we will explain you why with below factors: cost of material, processing,shipping and reports.

Cost of material

The cost of neodymium magnet  material can be very different. Different factories has their own advance . Some factories good at N grade, some good at SH grade, and some of them good at EH. But pls note, even we said that the factory good at N grade, that does not mean they have every grade advantage. Maybe just good at N35 grade or N38, maybe N52 only.  so if you want to buy N52, and you can find the factory who always produce N52 material. You can save at least 5-12%.


Processing is very important. If your order is big order. Different machine ,different efficient and different leading time. Some factories will use Wire Electrical Discharge Machining to process magnet. That will be very high efficient.  Save lots of time, and don’t need too many worker, and then have perfect work. Some neodymium magnet factorise in China, just accept disc or ring shape magnet order, or square shape. So their cost will be lower. 


Shipping is not a big factor.  But that is very important. Lots of vendor will ship the product to customer without any certificate. As we know magnetic is very important to the airplane. So if ship magnet by air, it must be testing and get certificate. By the rule, magnet parcel have to get IATA certificate or similar certificate. And IATA is expensive, almost 70USD one time. Lots of vendor will send magnet via hongkong, as hongkong does not check the certificate to strictly. But that is dangerous. As we know ,from April to August 2019, lots of magnet parcel was hold by express company. Lots of them was stay at hongkong over 1 month. So customer should choose vendor who can offer IATA certificate. 


Coating is very important for neodymium magnet. In regular, people use 3 coating, likes Ni, Zn, Epoxy. Epoxy is most expensive, and then Ni, and Zn is cheapest. But the point is Ni. Lots of customer does not know there 2 type Ni coating. Ni only and NiCuNi. In some cases, magnet should be coated with NiCuNi, but as customer does not that , and just guess they need Ni coating.

So the factory quote it Ni only.

But good supplier will told their customer, you should use NiCuNi their performance is better than Ni only. 


Maybe you will surprise, why we talk about this again. We have mentioned it on the first paragraph. In fact, that is different. At the first paragraph, we just mentioned different grade. But here we talk about same grade with different gauss.

For example, N45,the remanence is Max 13.8KGs and Min 13.2KGs.

And N42 is Max 13.5KGs and Min 12.9KGs.

 So N42 is very close to N45.

If you do not cut a small piece to analyst. That is hard to know what grade it is. And gauss meter is hard to test both of them.Because the number is too closed.

How to buy?

iif you buy big quantity, you should:

1.Send your supplier sample.

2.send them more detail. send the exact number,like the remanence, 14.7KGS, Goercive force >11,bh >49

and then supplier will easily know what you want.

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