Magnetic rings, which are made of neodymium, are quite in demand in various areas of life. These models resemble rings. The flat shape allows them to be used in different situations. This device is slightly larger in size than other models because it has a hole. But such dimensions do not affect its area. Therefore, they use these models, like other magnets.

Ring permanent magnets have different shapes:

  • Magnet ring is usually used in light industry. From it you can make buttons or clasps for handbags.
  • A large magnet ring is capable of holding various metal objects. It can be used to hold decor items, such as lamps.
  • Jewelry can be made of permanent ring magnets, for example, they can be used as links for a bracelet.

In what cases use a magnet ring?

Neodymium ring magnets can be bought in bulk in our store by ordering them online. But first, it’s better to figure out why the ring shape was chosen for this product?

A similar model was not accidentally selected. The fact is that the magnetic ring has great power in comparison with round counterparts. Such magnets are very compact. This allows many people to use them in different situations. The hole itself allows it to be used if it is necessary to fix small parts.

Ring magnets are often used in industry. Therefore, they can be purchased for the manufacture of buttons, belts, fasteners. Neodymium magnetic rings can be bought for making jewelry.

The smallest magnet ring sold by us has a coin size. It is able to hold metal products that are seven times its mass. The same goes for larger magnets. All this indicates that there is no doubt about the quality of our products.

You can also buy a ring magnet to create fixtures used for kitchen utensils and badges. In the latter case, our customers buy the magnet in large quantities.

Where is a ring magnet sold?

This device can be purchased at any store selling similar products. But it is better if you decide to buy a neodymium ring from us. We sell our products in bulk. This is very convenient for those buyers who want to save their money.

In our store for regular customers a discount. In this case, the price of a magnet ring will be significantly lower than in retail.

Currently, a neodymium magnet ring can be bought without looking up from the monitor. Our company gives customers the opportunity to choose any magnet, in accordance with their needs.

Our company has been operating in the market of magnetic products for a long time. For all the time of our existence, we have put together a solid assortment of models for all occasions.

All goods stored in our warehouse are listed in the catalog. This allows a potential buyer to easily navigate it. Each model has a certificate of quality and technical characteristics, which can be found by leafing through the catalog. Our magnetic products have a strong field. You can verify this in practice by placing an order online.

If you have any difficulties in the process of placing an order – do not worry. Our staff will help you choose the product over the phone. If for some reason you cannot order a magnet, call our office. We will solve your problem without unnecessary trouble.

Nowadays it is much easier to buy magnetic products. To do this, it is not necessary to go to the market. It is most rational to order goods in bulk and expect their delivery time. We order goods in bulk without any problems. To do this, just contact the managers and specify the conditions for sending magnets to the specified address.

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