If you want to buy round neodymium magnets – you have come to the right place. All our products are made of alloy of neodymium,iron,boron . Today they are considered the most durable. Therefore, it is not surprising that they are often called super magnets. And which is characteristic, these magnets are capable of attracting objects whose mass exceeds 200 times their own.

Round magnets and their classification

All our magnets are divided into round,rectangular and custom shape. Round magnets can be created in various variations. In the assortment of our company there are such models:

*Rings with a hole inside;
*Neodymium puck magnets, the shape of which resembles a hockey puck;
*Neodymium magnets disks having a flattened shape.
All our products are collected in the company catalog. Here, each magnet has its own place, therefore, problems with its search should not arise.

The sizes of the magnets are shown below the photo. The price of round magnets will depend on their characteristics. For example, small round magnets can be bought at a lower price. Round large magnets are usually more expensive.


Where can I get round magnets in bulk?

Today, buying a round neodymium magnet is not a problem. To do this, just send us an email . The advantages of bulk purchasing are obvious, and it is not only a relatively low price.

Today, unscrupulous firms operate on the market that overestimate the technical characteristics of their products. This, in turn, entails a lot of trouble. This event is especially unprofitable for wholesalers. The purchase of goods of dubious quality not only leads to losses, but also tarnishes the reputation.

If an entrepreneur sells defective goods at retail, this can even lead to criminal liability. Therefore, when choosing a outlet you need to be very careful.

You can buy a neodymium disk magnet from us, a magnet washer at a very low price. At the same time, this does not affect the quality of the goods.

The advantages of our company are obvious. There is a huge assortment of goods for all occasions. For example, when buying a round magnet, you can find out from our managers everything about this product – where it is used, what is its adhesion strength, whether it can be used as a holder, search engine, and so on. Bulk purchases are needed for craftsmen making magnetic souvenirs, toys, and decorative elements.

There are discounts for our most loyal customers. Each product is given a one hundred percent guarantee that it is made according to European standards. Therefore, you should not have doubts about its quality.


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