Micro Magnet

Micro magnet is the dimension smaller than 0.9mm. That is very difficult to process.  It need the magnet facotry has the capability to process the small tolerance via advanced laser incising and drilling technology.Through continuous improvement efforts, OZENZ has the capacity to offer miniature micro magnets now.


micro neodymium magnet
micro magnet on the pen(OD1-ID0.26*1mm)

Raw Material of micro magnet:

Samarium Cobalt (SmCo)
Ferrite (Ceramic)
Aluminum Nickel Cobalt (Alnico)
Neodymium Iron Boron (Neo)
* ultra-small neodymium magnets are limited to bonded magnetic

Tolerance of micro magnet

The diameter can be supplied as small as 0.001 mm, tolerances without coating or plating is ±0.005 mm.

Coating of Micro Magnet:

As well as manufacturing a variety of micro magnet solutions, OZENZ can provide an array of coating or plating options. such as Nickel and Epoxy. For ultra-small magnetic, Parylene C which is oftentimes is the best solution. Because parylene can protest the magnet well and the thickness can be control easily. And most important an inert biocompatible protective coating.

Typical Miniature Magnet Applications:

Sensor (for use with Hall Effect Chips)
Microwave Tubes
Coreless motor
Motors such as high-performance compact actuators

Medical Micro-Magnet Applications:

Catheter Navigation

OZENZ manufacturers micro-magnet for a number of applications. These include industries as diverse as medical applications, medical devices, micro motors, and sensors. And one of our most technologically sophisticated magnets is a Micro-Magnet designed for a medical application. This magnet is offered in Neodymium Iron Boron with energy products up to 55 MGOe, and coated with an inert biocompatible protective coating.

Don’t hestiate to contact us if you need any mini tiny thin small rare earth Magnets.

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