Permanent magnets based on neodymium and samarium-cobalt alloys are characterized by corrosion resistance and the ability to accumulate a large amount of magnetic energy. Ozenz is not only a seller, but also a manufacturer of these magnets. We have our own factory with modern equipment, focused on the production of unlimited batches of magnetic products. Magnets in our company can be bought in bulk by selecting suitable samples from the catalog or ordering the production of custom solutions.

Powerful permanent magnets are in demand in various fields – these are heavy and light industry, energy, and chemical industries. They are used in children’s toys and in scientific equipment, in machine tools and cars, in electric motors and sensors, in home and industrial electronics. Heavy-duty neodymium-based magnets, as well as samarium and cobalt, are especially valued – they are distinguished by the highest adhesion force, surpassing dozens of other types of alloys in their characteristics.

Our advantages

Ozenz offers a wide selection of magnetic products for purchase. Our main advantages:

Own factory – provides us and consumers with a wide range of magnetic products;
Own warehouse – the ability to quickly and without undue delay deliver a large batch of magnets to the customer;
Product quality control – ensures compliance with the technical characteristics of manufactured products;
A wide geography of work – not only China but also lots of countries buys our magnets.
If the need has ripened to wholesale neodymium magnets, as well as cobalt and samarium, contact Ozenz. We will offer products that comply with SGS, RoHS and international quality standards.

Magnetic products

Unpacked magnets, powerful search magnets, fasteners are presented. Unpacked magnets are used independently or serve as raw materials for the manufacture of any products – these can be toys, souvenirs, educational materials, electrical and scientific devices, magnetic filters and much more.

Search magnets serve as auxiliary equipment when conducting search activities – with their help they probe the bottom of reservoirs for metal products there, they are used in search of military relics and for many other purposes. Fasteners are used during construction and installation works at any level, they can be used as starting material for the production of any products.

Wholesale sale

The main advantage of our magnets is the balanced price. We sell them in bulk, providing the most favorable conditions. Our clients are large companies, small firms and production workshops, as well as private individuals. Own factory in China allows you to cope with any order, including the largest. We are responsible for the quality of the products and vouch for the safety of its technical characteristics. Powerful permanent magnets from the manufacturer at the most affordable prices – only on our website.

We do not have MOQ for the business. So don’t hesitate to contact us.


*Neodymium Magnets Discs 

*Neodymium Rectangles Magnets

*Neodymium Bar Magnets

*Neodymium Ring Magnets

*Search/Fishing Magnets

* Countersink Hole Magnets

*Magnetic Hardware With Screw Connection

*Magnet Separators

*Magnetic Hardware With Hook

*Halbach Array

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