Today, neodymium magnets are used in a wide variety of fields – in medicine, industry, construction, science. These devices have tremendous power, which is hard to overestimate. Even a small magnet is able to hold objects many times its mass.

Today we will talk about rectangular magnets, which can be bought at any outlet selling such products.

The difference between round and rectangular magnets

There is an opinion that the most powerful are round magnets. Perhaps this is due to their external attractiveness. Meanwhile, rectangular magnets in some characteristics even surpass the magnets circles:

  • the magnetic field of round magnets is concentrated in the center, and for rectangular magnets it is distributed around the entire perimeter;
  • rectangular magnets are easier to pick up;
  • in some stores, the cost of such magnets is slightly lower.
rectangular magnet

What types of rectangular magnets exist?

There are several variations of rectangular neodymium magnets, and all of them have their own characteristics:

  • Magnets cubes will serve as an excellent element of decor, which can be used as a hold of paper clips, pins, needles and other metal objects.
  • A square neodymium magnet is used to attach banners, stands and other demonstration equipment. A square neodymium magnet is useful as a search engine in case of loss of metal objects.
  • A thin rectangular magnet can be used as a holder for objects on a metal surface, for example, a flip chart.
  • Large size neodymium cube magnet can come in handy for repairs. In this case, he can hold the working tools.
  • Neodymium magnets rectangles can also be used as search engines and for conducting scientific experiments.
  • There is a bar magnet that you can buy to hold household items.
  • Magnet prism can be bought for different needs. For example, it can be used to attach advertising stands to a metal surface.

But a rectangular magnet can be useful not only for experiments. Depending on its size, it can perform all kinds of household functions:

  • to keep the shelf on weight;
  • fasten the bike so that it does not fall;
  • to hold a picture on the wall that does not have a single nail;
  • serve as a clasp for a handbag;

You might be surprised at the versatility of the magnet! After all, it is difficult to imagine a situation in which a small-sized object can hold heavy parts on its weight.

By the way, most magicians use the tremendous traction power of magnets in their numbers. It seems that circus artists first guessed about their unusual properties.

Now you should not be surprised at the feature of a magnet to attract metal objects, tens of times heavier than itself. In this regard, these devices are widely used in printing, printing, automotive construction.

Where to find a rectangle magnet?

It is quite possible to buy a neodymium magnet having a rectangular shape. To do this, you need to go to the market in search of the right product. In connection with this, potential buyers of magnetic products may have a question – are there other ways to buy magnets? This purchase will be especially unprofitable for wholesalers who want to save on the product and buy a rectangle magnet of impeccable quality.

With us you can buy rectangular and square magnets relatively inexpensively. For bulk purchases, we have a very favorable discount on products. This is a very important management decision, which allows the buyer to save on the difference in the cost of magnets.

The store itself also does not lose anything, since it attracts many new customers in this way. Perhaps this management approach allows us to have regular wholesale customers who use our services with enviable regularity.

If you are at a loss in choosing a magnetic products store – contact us! Here you will find magnets of all shapes and sizes. We are sure that a large assortment of goods, attractive prices, and service will not leave you indifferent!

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