Big Neodymium Magnets 


Big Neodymium Magnets commonly known as huge magnets, or giant magnets, are industrial magnets with dimensions greater than 150mm. They are used in large fans, motors and large robots because of their strong pull force and magnetic field. 

Big neodymium magnets, regardless of their strength (N35, N45, or N52), are dangerous. Professionally trained personnel should always handle them. Large magnets can stick to an iron plate very easily; therefore, people should exercise extreme caution when handling them. Additionally, separating a big neodymium magnet from an object can be quite difficult, as the magnet may be damaged if handled incorrectly. 

The cost of big neodymium magnets are very high, and the delivery time is long. For customers who are in the research and development stage, we recommend customers ask magnets manufacturers if they have any products of similar size in stock. This saves cost and time. 

Osenc’s production capacity is strong, and we can offer large ring or round magnets with a maximum diameter of 250*40mm or 200*50mm. We can also manufacture smaller magnets according to your special requirements. 



If you search for this question on Google, the answer is 40x40x20mm. 

For many consumers, this size is sufficient. 

For some enterprise customers, 40x40x20mm is not sufficient. At present, we are only able to produce a maximum size of 250mm in length by 40mm in width or 200mm in length by 50mm in width. The largest square magnet is 300mm x 100mm x 30mm. Some magnetic drum customers have requested larger magnets of increased diameters—300mm—so that a single ring magnet can be used instead of several smaller arc-shaped magnets to assemble their drum.