Neodymium Magnet
Micro & Custom Shape

Micro Neodymium Magnet Supplier

Through continuous improvement, Ozenz have increased the ability to deliver micro magnets(small size magnets)

Magnet material:

Usually, ultra-small magnets are limited to bonded magnetic products, but now we can provide miniature, full-density neodymium iron boron (Neo), Sa cobalt (SmCo) and strontium ferrite (ceramic). In addition, we can also provide miniature cast Aluminum Nickel Cobalt (Alnico) magnets, a magnet alloy that has traditionally been limited to non-miniature sizes.

Environmental protection:

In addition to manufacturing various small magnet solutions, we can also provide a range of coating or plating options. Conventional magnet corrosion inhibiting solutions, such as nickel and epoxy resin, can also be used, and parylene C can also be used. When the magnet is exposed to an organic environment, the parylene C is usually used because of its inertness.

(*Please note-as with larger magnets, the penetration of the corrosion-inhibiting layer is limited to small holes and features.)


All shapes and available shapes, discs, blocks, rings, arcs and balls as well as custom geometric shapes. What is particularly beneficial to the market is our deep hole capability. This is where the hole length is greater than the diameter of the part.

 Typical applications of miniature magnets:

•Sensor    •Implants

•Connector    •Acoustic

•Optical     •Coupler

Medical micro-magnet applications:

•Catheter navigation

If you have applications that require micro or micro magnets, please seek help from the company. Our friendly, engineering-oriented staff welcomes you to have the opportunity to answer your questions and solve all your magnet needs.

What Does Ozenz Supply

Good Quality, Good Service with Good Price.

Neodymium Magnet

We produce disc/cylindrical, block ,arc and custom magnet.  we offer N54 magnet with excellent performance.

Magnet Assembly

Fishing/Pot magnet, big size magnet separator,magnet filter,magnetic transmission. Welcome send us your drawing.

Scientific Institution

We accept customs order from university and scientific institution. Help you get the magnetic power.

Why Choose Ozenz

make us different with others

N52 Neodymium Magnet

We offer stable N54 neodymium magnet. Even in China, not too many factory can produce it.


Even you want 10 pcs, that will be fine or us.

7 coating can be choose

Ni, Zn, Black Ni, Black Zn,Epoxy, Chrome, Gold ,Sliver and Parylene.



Our tolerance can be as small as 0.02mm.


Our average leading time is smaller than 13days.


The biggest Size we can produce is 250mm.

Best price

The product can buy from our own factory and other factories. The point is whose price is nice.

Micro Magnet

The smallest magnet we can produce is 0.2 mm

On-Time Delivery

we know how to push the factory to produce order in time.

Contact Us

Want some sample for your company’s mass production?For your own innovative research project?

Get in touch with us ,let us know more about your plan. 

We will do our best to help you.

average Leading Small than
The biggest diameter
Coating can be choose

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