From N35-N54 Neodymium Magnet Regular & Custom Shape

What Does Ozenz Supply

Good Quality, Good Service with Good Price.

Neodymium Magnet

We produce disc/cylindrical, block ,arc and custom magnet.  we offer N54 magnet with excellent performance.

Magnet Assembly

Fishing/Pot magnet, big size magnet separator,magnet filter,magnetic transmission. Welcome send us your drawing.

Scientific Institution

We accept customs order from university and scientific institution. Help you get the magnetic power.

Why Choose Ozenz

make us different with others

N54 Neodymium Magnet

We offer stable N54 neodymium magnet. Even in China, not too many factory can produce it.


Even you want 10 pcs, that will be fine or us.

7 coating can be choose

Ni, Zn, Black Ni, Black Zn,Epoxy, Chrome, Gold ,Sliver and Parylene.



Our tolerance can be as small as 0.02mm.


Our average leading time is smaller than 13days.


The biggest Size we can produce is 250mm.

Best price

The product can buy from our own factory and other factories. The point is whose price is nice.

University plan

We are happy to offer university lab discount for their inquiry.

On-Time Delivery

we know how to push the factory to produce order in time.

average Leading Small than
The biggest diameter
Coating can be choose

Professional Neodymium Magnet Supplier

Neodymium manget is a big business.Lots of magnet in the market.

Different shape, Disc, Block,Arc ,Ring ,Customs Shape,

Different grade,N,M,H, SH,UH,EH,SH.

Different usaing,Halbach Array,BLDC magnet, Radiation Ring Magnet,Magnetic roller.

There too many magnet in the market ,hard to name all of them. So no manufacturer can supplier all of them with good price. Different company focus on different   So Ozenz think that even we have own processing factory and material factory, still can not make sure we can win in this game.

So Ozenz set up the trading company , in order to help customers sourcing the best price and good quality neodymium magnet. 

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Get in touch with us ,let us know more about your plan. 

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