Hidden Dangers of the Magnet Fishing

Magnetic fishing is an inexpensive and an interesting outdoor hobby that anybody can do without the investment and wastage of money. It provides the people who do magnetic fishing with the chance to explore and interact with the environment in the very different and unique way. Just imagine experiencing the thrill and pleasure of hunt of what you are going to find next, excitement of the pulling of some metal treasure from out of the water body, and being able to quickly and easily see what is actually below the water when you interact with an interesting water spot which you think that may be keeping something unique and special. The trend of magnet fishing is fast accelerating and this hobby is being adopted by thousands of individuals. Especially more people take interest when they see individuals uploading the videos of stuff they got from magnet fishing. Some of the dangers of magnet fishing are stated below:

  • Never bring hard disks, mobile phones, memory cards on the spot of magnet fishing or can place them in your car. Neodymium magnet is so strong that it can destroy all your memories and data from them. Keep such things away from your neodymium magnets.
  • Never put your finger between the magnet and the object. It can break your finger. Fishermen are always in extreme excitement when they find some metallic objects. Never put your fingers between the magnet and the object as it may result in the breakage of your finger bones.
  • Dangers of live explosives are always there when doing magnet fishing. Once the magnet fishers found the WWI grenade. These were the two fishermen that were doing magnet fishing on the canal. Such explosive devices are even dangerous too while holding in hands.
  • Man’s handcuffed body once found in the Southampton River. This is another terrible danger of magnet fishing. While doing magnet fishing, a fisherman found the attraction of the handcuffs tied still to a dead body of a person. It was found afterwards that the police was running after him and it was not confirmed that either that man accidentally got in the water body or he was attempting to evade from police. The fisherman was caught too in the police inquiry for many days.    
  • Hand grenades found in the Leicester destroyed by the magnet fishers. These weapons were found from Soar River in Leicester along with the third inert grenade. These grenades can pose serious danger on the fisherman by exploding in hands accidentally. However, some fishermen usually are unaware of the grenades and they do not know how it looks like and they treat the grenade as a toy. This may turn into an explosion.
  • Always take a long rope with you so that there will be less chances of drowning in a water body while doing magnet fishing. Long rope will enable you to catch objects at a larger distance.
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