Why N35 is cheapest in the neodymium magnet

N35 is a grade of NdFeB magnets, N is NdFeB; N35 N38 N40 N42 N45 N48, N50, N52, and N54. (But N54 just very few manufacturers can make it. Even in China, just 3-5 can make it , and the magnet does not too stable.) This is how they are arranged! The higher the brand, the stronger the magnetic force, and the more expensive it is!
At present, most of them are ordinary N35 models, and the maximum magnetic energy product represented by 35 is. The maximum magnetic energy product of N35 neodymium iron boron material is about 35MGOe. The conversion of MGOe and kA / m3 is 1MGOe = 8kA / m3. The maximum magnetic energy product of N35 neodymium iron boron material is 270kA / m3.

Why N35 is ordinary?

Because N35 has a good price with good performance. N35 magnet’s turnover takes almost 47% in the market. like the LED light, Packing business.

How strong is the magnet n35?
As for this question, it’s really hard to answer, because how strong the magnetic force depends on the size of the magnet itself. The larger the size, the stronger the magnetism.
How many Gauss does n35 generally have?
The following provides some surface magnets for N35 magnets, including squares and discs, for reference only.
N35 / F30 * 20 * 4mm Surface Magnetic 1640gs
N35 / F112.6 * 8 * 2.58 1000gs
N35 / D4 * 3 Radial Magnetism Surface Magnetic 2090gs
N35 counterbore / D25 * D6 * 5 surface magnetic 2700gs
N35 / D15 * 4 table magnetic 2568gs
N35 / F10 * 10 * 3 Surface Magnetic 2570gs

NdFeB is the strongest magnetic material, so many customers choose it, use it more, and ask more questions. One guest asked “Why are the magnets N45 and N52 more expensive than N35?”

First, from the price of materials. The price of N45 and N52 materials is much higher than that of N35, which is dozens of dollars and one kilogram higher. Because the higher the grade, the higher the proportion of precious metals contained in it.
Secondly, in terms of performance, the magnetic force of N35 is also far less than that of N45 and N52. They are mainly different in remanence, coercivity and maximum magnetic energy product. The magnetic force of N35 belongs to the small magnetic force in the NdFeB brand. The larger the number, the stronger the magnetic force, and the price difference is also relatively large.
In terms of magnetic force, for example, a cylindrical magnet of D10 * 10 of N35 can suck up about 1 kg, and the same size of N45 can pick up about 1.5 kg.

Another point is that the production process is difficult. For example, the production of N45 is more difficult than N35, and the production of N52 is more difficult than N45. Not every magnet manufacturer can make N52 magnets.
So N45 is more expensive than N35, N38, N40. In the same volume and the same temperature-resistant magnet, the price of N52 will be the most expensive. But performance is also the most powerful.

As  N35 is so ordinary, some China neodymium magnets factory, like Ozenz, has some regular size of N35 magnet on the stock. If you want to short leading time, welcome contact us.

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