Where to buy Industrial Magnets?

Electromagnets are more better option than other magnets for the industrial purposes. natural magnets do not possess or require any type of electricity or any other kind of energy cannot be used by the natural magnets due to many other reasons. sometimes, for the industrial purposes and processes, a strong magnetic field is required and needed to be generated for the heavy processes. through electromagnets, strong magnetic field can be achieved both with the natural and normal magnets, a strong and powerful magnetic field cannot be achieved. this is the main constraint for the normal natural magnets. natural magnets, if banged or broken by some accident or any other reason, then the magnetic strength and power of that magnet is complete lost or it becomes quite weak. But the natural magnets will retain its strength. when the natural magnets are also exposed to high heat, they lose their magnetic strength but the electromagnets do not lose their strength, they are not affected by the heat. natural magnets are not easily handled but the electromagnets can be easily handled and they are used for the lifting purposes.

Another industrial magnets can be neodymium magnets. These are used in production of many applications and products. industrial magnets are available as the mass production permanent magnets, custom designed magnets and special grades of the neodymium magnets and more.

Chinese industrial magnets are supplied to the customers from all over the world belonging from aerospace, automotive medical and the military industries.


Types of Industrial magnets available throughout China

     Neodymium Boron and Iron Magnets

The alloy of these metals, when these metals are combined, they form a very strong magnet. Their powerful factor is that even in the very small size, they possess and generate a very strong magnetic field. Chinese companies guarantee prices of magnets, that are very reasonable. All grades of the neodymium magnets are available in Chinese stores.

⦁     Ferrite Magnets, they are also known as ceramic

This type of industrial magnets are also used by the customers and are largely available at the Chinese factories. These ferrites are used very commonly by the customers because they are reliable and cheap magnets. High coercivity of these magnets makes them very resistant towards becoming demagnetized. these magnets do not require surface treatment as they have excellent corrosion resistance.

⦁     Samarium Cobalt (SmCo)

smaraium Cobalt are the permanent magnets and they are sold as the industrial magnets from Chinese stores. These are the magnets that are used in temperature state of more than 200 degrees. these magnets are also used in the carigenic temperatures because of low temperature coefficient and high performance.

⦁     Alnico

Alnico are the permanent magnets that are least affected by the temperature. They are very useful in the working conditions with high temperatures. Alnico is manufactured from the process of sintering or casting. Cast magnets can be manufactured in many complex shapes.


Chinese factories are best to consider when buying the industrial magnets as China is rich in raw materials of magnets.




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