The first words in this post are “Magnet parcel from Ozenz can send out by air in time.”


As you know, China’s neodymium magnet factory sells magnets over the world.


Some customers found that not all of the factories can send magnet by air in time. But some factories can send magnet out in time. Express company or the airport does not hold their order. These factories’ order look like a regular parcel. The customer always can not get their product in time.Now let us explain to you the reason.

No matter in China or other countries. All neodymium magnet can not ship by air without testing. Because of the potentially disruptive of magnetic fields. So shipping magnets by air requires specialized packaging and procedures. Strong rare-earth magnets, such as neodymium magnets, can cause problems in transit affecting other packages or even cause disruptions or damage to avionics or material handling equipment if insufficiently shielded or improperly packaged for shipment.

IATA Certificate

 So you need an IATA certificate or similar certificates, which showed express and airport, your parcel is safe for the airplane. Lots of factories parcel was held at HK airport in 2019. Most of them were held for over 1 month. Because of lots of them no certificate. 

Import and Export Licence
Different country different low. In China, not every company can run the import and export business. It needs a licence. Why that is important? Let’s make an example.
Without the license, it means the supplier can not send you the parcel with their name. In some countries, the law ask for that the sender have to be the payee. Like Vietnam, Indonesia. Or the customer has to takes a long time to explain the customs of the parcel value.
So if get both of them, you can get your magnet order very quickly.
 OZENZ has both of them. If you need any help welcome to contact us.
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