What are the Strongest N52 neodymium magnets?

N52 neodymium magnets are produced by a patented process called sintering. It literally means to “heat and press together”. In the process, neodymium is heated to a temperature of 8,000 degrees Fahrenheit and pressed between two iron alloys. The alloy is held together with heat, pressure and anti-corrosion binder.

It is generally accepted that the N52 neodymium magnets have the best performance among the N series of neodymium magnets. It is because of the lower demagnetization factor and the maximum energy product  BH)max  of 52 MGOe. You can choose a neodymium magnet with an N52 grade to make sure that it has better performance than other types of magnets, like Alnico, SmCo, and Ferrite.

N52 neodymium magnets

How much weight can N52 neodymium magnets support?

N52 neodymium magnets are the most common and strongest of the neodymium magnet grades in the market. They can easily attract each other, and even hold a large amount of weight. These magnets are the most common of all grades and can be very strong in comparison to other materials. It is an excellent product in terms of quality and performance. Therefore almost all micro neodymium magnets are N52 grade

The strength of the N52 magnet can be calculated with the magnetic calculator. The strength of the magnet is defined by the dimension and shape of the magnet, as well as its grade. There are several methods to measure this strength, but one of the most common measurements is the pull force, which determines how much power you must use to remove the neodymium magnet from an object. For example, a surface made of steel. This measurement is usually measured in pounds or kilograms and is called tension. Another most common measurement method is the magnetic field strength; it defines how strong the magnetic field around the magnet is and its direction toward or away from points near it.

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