The badge is a universal way of identifying both the company itself and its representatives. This is a kind of business card in front of the eyes of a client or employee. As a rule, a badge is an obligatory element of office clothes. Here are the details of the company and its representatives.

The importance of badges is emphasized by their purpose, which is expressed by:

  • in providing the necessary information about the company and its representatives;
  • they allow you to quickly find the right employee in order to obtain information;
  • contribute to the speedy acquaintance and maintenance of the conversation.

All this suggests that the design of the badge should be simple and recognizable. The main rule in its design is the easy reading of information about its carrier. No less important is the general style of the badge, which forms the first idea of ​​the company.

There are badges made of different materials – plastic, metal and even wood. Each type of badge has its own advantages. But it is better if they have a magnetic mount.

A metal badge magnet has recently been a serious alternative to the pin fastener, which often slides or spoils clothes. It has become an indispensable attribute of the office style, so it should look perfect on the model.

The big advantage of badges made of a magnet is the magnet mount. This device allows you to hold them flawlessly on a jacket or blouse. This, in turn, allows you to identify the employee of the company without much difficulty. And the impeccable appearance of the employee is able to reflect his high professional qualities.

Buy magnets for badges preferably wholesale. Badges reflect on the image of the company and this is their main purpose.

Where are magnetic badge holders used?

Magnet badges can be used wherever personal identification is required:

  • Entering the office, each visitor has the right to know who he is dealing with. Using a magnetic badge holder, an employee of the company provides information about himself and his position.
  • The magnetic fastener for a badge is very convenient in case of the organization of exhibitions and other presentation events. In this case, the organizers and participants are distinguished by badges. This allows visitors and visitors to ask questions to whom they are intended.
  • Magnetic badges are intended not only to identify an individual person, but also the whole team. For this purpose, they place the logo of the institution or its professional creed.
  • With the help of badges, the participants in the event recognize each other, as in the case of psychological trainings.

What is a badge based on a neodymium magnet?

This badge consists of a magnet and a plastic surface attached to it. A rectangular plate is inserted into it, on which all the necessary information is placed.

As already mentioned, the magnetic badge is a very convenient device that is tightly attached to clothes and does not spoil it.

Where to buy badge magnets?

Finding magnetic badges is not a problem. The main thing is to buy cheap badge magnets. The price for them will depend on the outlet at which it is purchased.

It is best to buy magnets for badges in bulk. Our company specializes in this particular form of sale. Of course, wholesale purchase is beneficial to two parties – the buyer and the seller. In this case, the seller sells his goods in large quantities, which allows him to purchase new products. The buyer in bulk purchasing also does not lose. This allows him to significantly save on price.

Buying magnetic fasteners for badges is very beneficial for owners of large corporations. They are primarily interested in ensuring that all employees have an impeccable look.

Such products are in great demand among the organizers of exhibitions and presentations. In this situation, the entire team of organizers has an aesthetically attractive appearance.

Organizers of various contests buy magnetic badges. They are also used for participants in personal growth training.

Even such minor details as badges can tell a lot about the company. They are able to reflect the image of the employee, his style and readiness for fruitful communication with customers and partners. When ordering magnetic fastenings for badges with us, you can be sure of the quality of the goods that we sell!